Revolution™ Tire Changer

Fully-automatic changes everything


Walkaway time savings
possible for 4 tire set


Minute service time
typical for ALL tire and wheel types


Fewer Decisions
Manual tire changers demand constant decision making


WalkAway™ mode frees the operator to perform other tasks

When paired with wheel balancing, a four tire changeover time can be cut by 25% or more!


Step 1

Mount & Clamp

Step 2

WalkAway™ function

Step 3

WalkAway™ function

Step 4


See them in action

See your results in detail

HunterNet® 2 shows your tire changer results, pressures set, procedures used, before and after photos, and more.

"This machine can do it all with ease."

“We were looking to get into tire changing and balancing, but needed the easiest machines to operate. We do a ton of custom sized wheels, and this machine can do it all with ease.”

Autotronica – Anaheim, CA


Adds safety for your technician and customer's wheels

Increase operator safety

Fully-automatic keeps operators hands and body safely away from the machine. Wheel lift protects operator’s back.

Reduce damage risk

Automatic procedure protects expensive rims and tires. Polymer tools ensure scratch free operation.

Increase TPMS safety

Machine constantly monitors TPMS location. Automatically mounts and demounts with best TPMS procedures.

No levers to hit operator.
Automatic press arms replace using levers for mounting

Protect your investment and verify your work with camera-recorded processes.

Monitors TPMS location constantly.
Won’t allow tire to be mounted or demounted in unsafe TPMS location

Inflation station algorithm fills to set pressure automatically - not necessary to stand on foot pedal to inflate.
Inflation controls keep operator away from assembly

Operator’s hands stay away from the assembly.
No pinch points.
No risk of rim slipping

Automatic procedure protects rim and tire.

Protects operator’s back.
No need to lift heavy assemblies

Operator stands back and lets the machine do the work

Maximize uptime with easy consumable ordering

HunterNet® 2 allows you to re-order consumable items to keep your technicians and equipment running without interruptions.



Eliminates technician experience gap

All techs are experts

Everyone on your tire changing team can be equally productive with simple, automatic operation.

On conventional tire machines, equipment is the tool and the technician is the tire changer.

The Revolution™ is the tire changer and the technician is an equipment operator.

Simple decision-making process

With manual tire changing, the technicians is constantly making critical decisions to successfully change a tire without damaging the wheel, the tire, the TPMS sensor, or even themselves.

The Revolution™ only requires four key decisions from the operator. New techs are productive faster and everyone works smarter.

17 critical decisions for conventional tire changers

4 critical decisions for the Revolution™


Makes all tires equal

Handle all tires in the same amount of time

The same process for all tires means all tires take the same time. Don't allow efficiency to leak away with run flats or other difficult tires.

15% time savings on today's tires

Time to service today's tires can be 15% faster, because tough tires don't phase the Revolution™. Add in Walkaway™ autonomous operation, and no tire changer is faster.

"The hardest part is rolling it over to the balancer."

“My favorite thing about the Revolution™ tire machine is I don’t have to physically bend over and pick up the tires. It’s about a 10-15 minute difference doing it on the manual machine as opposed to this. Watch me do one tire, that’s all you need.

Eddy’s Toyota – Wichita, KS


Simplifies operation & ensures training

  1. Wheel procedure with slide-out menu shows exactly where you are in the process.
  2. WalkAway™ status indicator lets the technician know when to perform other tasks.
  3. Easy-to-access navigation to other functions and screens.
  4. Switch language on the fly.
  5. Control tire inflation easily.
  6. View real-time 3D graphics of the tire changing process.
  7. Get detailed, context-specific instructions.

Can't get enough Revolution™...


See how Revolution™ Walkaway™ accelerates the four tire changeover


Key Specifications
Clamping TypeCenter w/Quick Clamp and Cam Plate
Mount/Demount ToolPolymer Self Inserting Leverless
Bead Loosening TypeUpper/Lower Roller
Match Mounting CapableYES
Rim Diameter Range (Min)12in
Rim Diameter Range (Max)30in
Max Tire Diameter50in
Max Wheel Width15in

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